ZOG Mattock Weeding Hoe - Dual Headed Garden Tool

ZOG Mattock Weeding Hoe - Dual Headed Garden Tool


The ZOG Mattock Weeding Hoe is a heavy-duty garden tool designed for easy weeding, digging, and soil breaking. It has the perfect weight balance and is perfect for garden maintenance tasks.

This Mattock features double heads that are formed in one piece using the inlay process. The steel handle is combined with the inlay process, making it more robust and less likely to break.

The pick mattock handle is covered with a rubber grip, providing a non-slip handle for comfortable use. The rubber grip is epoxy bonded for permanent stability, ensuring that it doesn't slip off during use.

The Dual Head feature of this Pick Axe is excellent, with a pick on one side for breaking and prying through hardpan soil, and an adze on the other side for digging and cutting into the ground. This makes it ideal for gardening, prospecting, and camping purposes.

If you are not satisfied with the ZOG Mattock Weeding Hoe, you can buy with total confidence as the seller offers a 100% Money Back guarantee. Simply reach out to them if you are experiencing any quality issues or problems.