Wooden Cheese Press - 11.2" Diameter, 45 oz Form

Wooden Cheese Press - 11.2" Diameter, 45 oz Form


Сheesemaking Kit: cheese press round shape diameter 11.2 in (Metal Guides 8 in + Cheese Making form 45 oz) pressure up to 50 pounds colorless - designed to make cheese at home.

Cheese press for cheese making can be used in other directions (for example, when squeezing juice, etc.)

Wooden cheese press production material: natural wood, plywood moisture resistant.

Type-to produces cheese. Condition-New.

Convenient simple cheese press round shape . Suitable for making semi-hard and hard cheeses.

Weight 1.560 kg/3.4lb.

Cheesemaking kit includes 1 form Hard Cheese Butter Punched Making form 45 oz.

The cheese forms is used for the making soft cheese, semi-soft, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, as well as blue cheese. Use as: feta making kit cheddar cheese making kit.

Form cheese complete with piston made of high-quality, food, solid polypropylene. It does not smell!

Used for all kinds of cheese, including cheese that does not require the yoke of large compression weight - cheese form for cheese making a very strong, it has a thick wall.

This cheese form is an ideal size for cheeses. Piston dimensions - top diameter 10 cm /3.9inch., Diameter from below 13.5 cm/ 5.1inch. Height 5 cm./2inch.

DIY Cheese Making Kit: Wooden cheese press and cheese form ideal for making healthy, organic tasty hard and soft cheeses

✅Сheese Making Kit include Wooden Cheese Press round shape diameter 11.2 in (Metal Guides 8 in + 1 Cheese Making form 45oz) pressure up to 50 pounds colorless

✅Cheese Press and Cheese forms use as Diy cheese making kit ,tofu making kit ,cheddar cheese making kit

✅Cheese Making Press designed to make for Home Cheese Making (round shape) pressure up to 50 pounds

✅Сheese form 45 pounds each complete with piston is made of high quality,food grade, hard polypropylene

✅Easy to assemble, Easy to remove water and hold shape