Whonline 2pcs Mini Fake Plants: Eucalyptus & Rosemary

Whonline 2pcs Mini Fake Plants: Eucalyptus & Rosemary


Product includes: Two artificial potted plants, one is eucalyptus leaves, and the other one is rosemary leaves.

Product size: The product is composed of pots and plants, the total height is about 9.8in / 25cm, the height of the pot is about 3.4in / 8.7cm, and the diameter of the pot is about 3.7in / 9.4cm.

Material: Two small plants are made of plastic, with bright colors, transit natural, and look more realistic. Without take care of them, you can get two pots of dense green plants.

Use scenario: 2 pot fake plant set is very practical and can be used in any scenario. You can put them on the window sill, the dining table, on the desk, or in the bookshelf or you can put them in the office, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom for decoration without suck your energy. In short, this potted plant can be used on any occasion you think is suitable.

Note: The fake plant set is made of plastic, it will inevitably have a little smell, it is recommended to use after ventilation. After receiving the package, you can arrange the branches and leaves to achieve the best appearance. If you have any questions, please email us.