Whonline 12pcs Artificial Fall Flowers Yellow

Whonline 12pcs Artificial Fall Flowers Yellow


Whonline 12pcs Artificial Fall Flowers for Outdoors Plastic UV Resistant Shrubs Plants for Garden Wedding Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Decor(Yellow)

Affordable Set: You will get 12 yellow artificial narcissus bouquets, each with 7 bendable stems and 38 flower heads.

Size: Normally about 12 inches long and 7 inches wide, you can also expand them as needed, up to 16 inches.

High-quality choice: All bouquets are made of high-quality PE, and because there is no glue, there is no pungent smell.

Easy to take care of: Artificial bouquets don't need watering or care, they will bloom forever, no matter where you choose to show them.

The lifelike bouquet can create a comfortable atmosphere. The artificial plant is the perfect home decoration item. You can decorate it in the restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, garden or other indoor and outdoor places.