White Heirloom Beet Seeds - Very Rare! (100 Seeds)

White Heirloom Beet Seeds - Very Rare! (100 Seeds)


Title: Beet Seeds - white beets (albino beets) "Heirloom, from Holland! Very Rare! (100 Seeds)

Daikon RadishPress to translate Listing Translator by Hindi Portuguese Thai Korean French Chinese Spanish Arabic Japanese German Russian Italian white beets (albino beets)White Albino Beet Info: Beta vulgaris. Biennial. 50 days to maturity. 1500 seeds an oz. 6-12 in height. 9-4 spacing. Produces 3-4 white, round beets with dark green tops.

About White Albino Beet: The White Albino heirloom beet comes from Holland. However, beets seem to have originated in the Mediterrenean region, where people grew them for thousands of years. Later, beets grew in Germany and Holland and were used as cattle fodder they were later imported to England for this purpose, but the poor began to raise them for an affordable food source. American colonists later brought them to the New World, where they became a commonly enjoyed food both for their roots and their greens. According to historians, George Washington experimented with beets, cross-pollinating them to create new varieties.

White Albino Beet Germination: Plant a full month before the last expected frost. Presoak seeds for two hours before planting to soften the hard seed coat and speed germination. Direct sow in full sun and well-drained soil, placing the seeds 1/2 deep and 2-4 apart in rows 1-2' apart. Add compost or other organic matter for healthy growth, and tamp down the earth above the seeds to ensure the seed's close contact with the soil. Germination should take place in 7-14 days. For companion planting benefits, plant beets with bush beans, onions, or members of the cabbage family avoid planting them near pole beans.

Growing White Albino Beet Seeds: Since each beet seed holds up to eight actual seeds, the seedlings will need to be thinned to 4 apart. The thinned plants do well as a second crop, as transplanting them will slow their growth for about two weeks behind the original plants. Keep the young plants watered and weeded, tExported By ExportYourStore

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