Vailge 2-Seater Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover

Vailge 2-Seater Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover


  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION:Heavy duty patio loveseat cover made of 100% 600D Oxford fabric is good to protect your patio furniture from outdoor elements like sun, rain, winds, hailstorms, bird droppings and other things.Guaranteed to fit your benches, sofas and loveseats up to 32'Dx58'Wx31'H.
  • 100% WATERPROOF:Vailge lawn furniture covers are all added UV-stabilized & Waterproof coating and a waterproof laminated backing which could prevent water from seeping through Cover and keep your outdoor furniture dry and to use.Any scratches from forming on the surface of the furniture are also avoided by our lawn furniture covers.
  • EASY TO USE WITH ADJUSTABLE CORD LOCK: Vailge patio sofa covers are designed with elastic hem cord including toggles. It allows adjustment for a tight custom fit. Adjustable belted hem with click-close straps provides patio sofa cover a customizable fit with exceptional security in the windiest conditions.Large padded handles shorten the time and effort needed when installing or removing this patio sofa cover.
  • PERFECT VENTILATION:Never worry about condensation, ballooning in air circulation outdoor bench cover is designed with air vents which supports a good air circulation when the outdoor bench cover is locked by cords.
  • Good Shopping Experience: If you have any questions about quality and instructions during use, please feel free to contact us. Holiday Season Gift & Christmas gifts for your family and friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only see dimensions for large size. What are the dimensions for the other sizes?

Our sofa is 80L 40 W 38H. What size do I need?

This wicker loveseat is 60” long, 34” high and 24 “ wide. What size should I order?

According to your describing for the loveseat , I do not think our loveseat cover will fit it.The loveseat cover standard M size is the closest one.

What size do i need for a loveseat, 50wx35hx30d?

They have wiggle room so based on my experience your only choice to try is the standard small size based on the measurements you supplied. Remember i am a consumer not the seller. Your height is the only "iffy" question and Im sure there will be plenty of extra to fit that as close as possible. Good luck!

I ordered the hd loveseat and it does not fit. it says 60”w. that’s the size of my loveseat. can you provide a suggestion?

The Standard-L loveseat cover size you have bought is : 34"D x 90"W x 32"H(L)  . And The maximum size of a suitable loveseat size for this size loveseat cover is: 32.5"D x 88"W x 33"HIf the loveseat cover is not suitable for you,you could apply for return through amazon and amazon will give you refund.