Tea Cup Infusers: Uendure Tea Tumbler With infuser Mug

Tea Cup Infusers: Uendure Tea Tumbler With infuser Mug


Tea Cup Infusers: Uendure Tea Tumbler With infuser Mug

Original Tea infuser Bottles And Cup By Uendure

Original tea infuser and tea infusers infuser This uendure infuser bottle cap comes with a carrying sleeve and has a stunning glass design on the bottle itself. Both ends have caps that screw into them, and the bottom cap has an infuser made of metal with holes that snap onto it. Putting the tea tumbler into the infuser and then allowing it to be steep while drinking is possible. Because neither of the caps includes a mouthpiece, you will need to remove one of them to drink from the bottle.

The design of this uendure bottle is, without a doubt, its most notable selling point. Glass bottles are pleasing to the eye and also advantageous in that they reveal the contents of the liquid contained within. However, if you drop a glass object or subject it to a sudden change in temperature, there is always a chance that the glass will crack. Before adding the hot tea, it's best to give the bottle a quick rinse with some warm water, especially on chilly days.

Unfortunately, many of their consumers have voiced concerns over the product's level of craftsmanship. Because they are not effectively engineered, the rubber seals on each cap can potentially cause leaks. Both ends of the container are covered, but there is still a chance that liquid could escape through the bottom. Moreover, the glue that holds the rubber interior to the metal outside the cap is flimsy and may separate with time.

Infuser Bottle Pros 

  • Removable basket
  • Both ends can be detached easily.
  • An exquisitely crafted bottle that, no matter where you go, will cause people to look in your direction.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • The cupholders of vehicles and the handholds hold up well.

Infusers Tumbler Mug Cons 

  • It may be possible to improve the quality of the construction.
  • Given that it is made of glass, which is prone to breaking
  • Sometimes plastic gaskets and seals on packaging leak. Hot liquids are hazardous.
  • Because the metal caps are not correctly attached to the rubber, they are prone to loss.
  • There have been several reports of tea seeping into the bottle.

Feature Bamboo Infuser Bottle

  • Uendure's ECO-FRIENDLY: You can help the environment by choosing a BPA & Lead-free bamboo infuser bottle that reduces waste. Instead of using disposable cups and plastic tumblers, you can enjoy the full flavor of all your beverages with this double-walled insulated glass that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. We recommend hand washing the lids and basket for longevity.
  • 100% GIFT READY: If you are looking for a lovely gift idea, you’ll appreciate the elegant packaging of this on the go tumbler which comes with a free travel sleeve. All you’ll need to do is pop a bow on it! This tea infuser bottle is a perfect gift for the health-conscious. The loose leaf tea infuser bottle with stainless steel tea infuser & lids will last a very long time with proper care.
  • LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE: Brew all of your favorite organic beverages like loose leaf green tea, herbal, oolong, hibiscus tea, fruit water or smoothies. Use the bottle to blend your detox drinks or even enjoy iced tea, fruit infused water and even carry your fruit to work and play! You can even use it as a matcha shaker! Simply add matcha powder, pour half a mug of hot water into the flask and shake vigorously. Then add more water and/or your almond milk and enjoy!
  • FOR WORK OR PLAY: You can easily take the bamboo infuser bottle everywhere you go since it fits in most car cup holders. With the neoprene sleeve, your tumbler is ideal for yoga, sport events, workplace sipping or college study hall. Use your steeper literally wherever you go. Even international travel!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE - PRODUCT WARRANTY: If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with your glass infuser bottle replacement, we will replace or refund your order immediately within 30 days of purchase. (Terms of Service apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain exactly how this item works? As well, as example of teas to put in strainer? Do you drink from this or do you pour into a cup? Thanks!

Okay, so each end of the bottle opens. The bottom opening has a metal infuser that snaps into place. So you can put herbs and tea ingredients into that. Then you screw the bottom lid back on. Then you open the top lid and pour your hot water in and let it sit. The herbs in the infuser, infuse into the water and make tea. Then you drink directly out of the bottle. You can sweeten it with honey, etc. Then I also use it for cold drinks. So for instance, my favorite daily cold drink to use this bottle for is that I put mint leaves into the infuser and then I fill the bottle with ice water and lime slices. Mmm It's like mojito water!Lastly, you can also take out the metal infuser and just use it like a water bottle. :) If you look for my review, it shows pictures of all of this. The herbs in the infuser don't mix with your water except for super fine particles. I absolutely LOVE this tea infuser, so much that I intend to buy more. My favorite ingredients for hot tea are: Peppermint (Stand alone or with a couple of other ingredients like lavender or rose hips.) Also Chammomile, Lemon Balm and a Little licorice root. Enjoy!

Is the infuser part accessible once you're done steeping? I wouldn't want to leave the loose tea in until I am all done drinking.

Yes absolutely. Just flip the bottle upside down, unscrew the bottom lid and remove the infuser. Takes two seconds.

Does the bottle stain over time, particularly coffee and tea?

It has not, but stains of tea and coffee are easily removed by placing baking soda on the dish towels and rubbing the cup . Baking soda will clean the sink, toilet bowls, etc. without toxic fumes.

Is this bottle dishwasher safe? What about the lids? Thanks!

The bottle is dishwasher safe. I prefer to hand wash the lids.