Twining Tea Herbal Lemon Delight, 1.41 oz

Twining Tea Herbal Lemon Delight, 1.41 oz


  • Specialty: Natural
  • Package Weight: 0.081 kilograms
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use this item?

    I use them with iced tea. Two regular teabags and one herbal teabag to half gallon boiling water. Let stand for four minutes. Remove teabags and refrigerator. Also, one teabag in mug. Add boiling water. Let stand four minutes. Remove teabag. May sweeten. Soothing at night. Enjoy. Thank you.

    Is the lemon delight tea made in China?

    The box says it's distributed by a company in New Jersey and is a product of Poland with selected herbs from other countries but there is no specific mention of China being one of those countries.

    Is this decaffeinated tea ?

    Excellent tea