HOUSE AGAIN Tea Ball Infuser & Cooking Infuser

HOUSE AGAIN Tea Ball Infuser & Cooking Infuser


  • Better performance, Reasonable price! Each pack includes 1 screw lid, 1 extra fine mesh cup, 1 saucer for avoiding making a mess when taking out. All the parts are made of 18/8 stainless steel. Easy to clean and dishwashable.
  • Unlike traditional tea ball or twist lid infuser, our tea strainer features threaded connection design that you’ll feel easier to open and close when using. Besides it seals more tightly so tea leaves will not leak out during the process of brewing.
  • Extra fine mesh holes are designed to hold tealeaves, particles or grounds intact while allowing the flavor to drift out.
  • Extended 4.7' chains. Fit nearly all the teapots, mugs or cups of different size.
  • The HOUSE AGAIN Advantage: Professional tea infuser manufacturer. Multiple high-quality products for your choice. Worry-free 30-DAY and 24/7 friendly customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of this (1/4 cup, 1/8 cup)?

As measured (using fine grain sugar as test material) it has a 1/4 cup capacity. Though you would never want to put that amount of loose tea in it as the leaves need room to expand and water must be able to flow through them.

I'm looking to brew tea in my thermous. the opening is 2 and 1/16 inches. so i need something that is max 2 inches wide. will this work?

This infuser is less than two inches wide, however I'm not sure this is a good choice for portable tea-drinking. Loose leaf tea doesn't come out of this infuser as easily as it comes out of a tea ball. To clear the tea leaves out after brewing you will probably need water from a faucet, so you'll need to be around a sink with a garbage disposal.

does this fit in a normal sized mug to make just one cup of tea? i'm in a dorm room so looking for something small that'll fit in my mug

Perfect for making cold brew coffee each morning. All you do is use the infuser and fill it half way with course ground coffee and steep over night at room temp for 12 hours. I like to let it steep for about 4 hours and then I place it in the Frig. Take the infuser out the next day and drink. I do not disturb the bottom of the mug. Try it you will like it!

How much tea will those hold?

That is a hard question to answer because it really depends on the tea. It will make a nice pot of tea or you can put less in the chamber for just a cup. If it is a standard loose leaf tea that is not too bulky about 3 tablespoons or so but some of the flavors that I enjoy have some bulk to them and honestly I don't measure I just fill it. I hope that this helped. Sorry I could not be exact.