Sunset Jade Plant Crassula Easy to Grow House Plant

Sunset Jade Plant Crassula Easy to Grow House Plant



Sunset Jade Plant Crassula Easy to Grow House Plant

  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Like the traditional Jade Plant it prefers sun, but only needs to be watered when dry
  • The green leaves feature a magenta edging in the summer, like a beautiful sunset
  • Correct Name: Crassula portulacea v. Sunset
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4' pot.

Jade Plant Care

After planting jade plants, wait about a month before beginning to feed them with Miracle-Gro® Succulent Plant Food. This food is formulated to instantly provide succulent plants with the exact type and quantity of food they need to grow beautifully. Jade plants can be fed with this food every time they are watered. Simply apply it directly to the soil, making sure to follow the application instructions, and then water it as usual. Two pumps should be used for smaller pots, and five pumps should be used for bigger pots (over 6 inches in diameter).

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Value for money
Easy to grow

Frequently Asked Questions

My jade plant doesnt have red on outer leaves, but it is drooping over ! What to do about this?

I’m not a plant expert, but a couple thoughts come to mind—are you over-watering the plant? I water mine a small amount about every 10 days to two weeks. Also, does the planter you’re using have drainage? A hole or small rocks at the bottom? I hope this helps!

how large will this particular type of crassula grow?

It can grow as big as several feet If transferred into soil but it will stay fairly smaller if it stays in a pot

Can these be used to make tea?

I've never heard of this house plant being used for tea before.

I had a previous plant with big leaves but I am not sure what did I do the leaves started falling apart and died. How should we water and sunlight ?

Keep in indirect sunlight, and water around once a week, as long as it’s dry. You will know it’s dry by how light the pot feels when you lift it. We put water in a shallow dish and set the plant container bottom directly in the water. It will pull up water from the holes in the plastic container, all the way to the surface dirt.