Plow & Hearth Set Mosaic Style Resin Rock

Plow & Hearth Set Mosaic Style Resin Rock



  • Set of 3 resin stepping stones
  • Looks like river rock and pebbles
  • Durable, all-weather, decorative garden accent
  • Each stone has a mosaic design featuring a butterfly, dragonfly, and flowers (one of each design)
  • Natural, earthy color palette compliments any outdoor space

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run a mower over them?

Yes but don’t lower the blades too low . They are about 2 inches from ground

I want to set these in pea pebbles (pea gravel). Will this work? Think they might break?

Mine are setting on small stones and they are fine. I previously had similar steppingstones that cracked over the winter, so I put these in my shed for the winter.

Is it round or square? Size shows 10.75”x10.75” square whereas the picture shows round. Please confirm.

The stepping stones are round.

Are these actually functional as 4-season, stepping stones for daily use? I would be setting mine in dirt so only the top showed.

I bought three sets of these beautiful stepping stones about 2 years ago. Mine are set in dirt, surrounded by red landscaping rocks. I walk on mine daily, and sofar none have chipped or cracked. They also still look new, despite weather conditions.