Perfect Plants Bloodgood Japanese Maple Live Plant

Perfect Plants Bloodgood Japanese Maple Live Plant



  • 🍁Live 5 gallon Bloodgood Japanese maple tree comes with easy to use plant food and features a compact frame with bold and beautiful Red foliage spreading ombre from light Green to deep mahogany
  • 🌳This maple tree is a moderate grower, reaching 1-2 feet per Year holding a steadily narrow frame — branches will reach out and up, typically seen in maple trees, however this type of maple is less invasive on other plants in the landscape
  • 🌞Maple trees love the sun and would prefer a spot in the landscape that receives full sun exposure and partial shade throughout the day
  • 💪Mature Height: 15-20 ft | mature width: 15-20 ft, filling small gaps in the landscape and providing light shade to recreational landscapes
  • 😍Bloodgood Japanese maple is perfect for adding color to your yard — Plant This tree as a stand alone accent near fence-lines, patios, benches, in Small gardens, or along front door entryways

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a grafted tree?

No, it is not grafted

How Big Does It Get?

It gets anywhere from 15-20 feet tall!

Will this tree survive in usda zone 4?

Zones 5 through 8 are what is listed.

Can you please tell me on this 5 gallon Japaneese Bloodgood Maple how tall the tree is when shipped?

The trees are currently around 3-4ft tall, and growing!