Stone Outdoor Gas Fire Pit by Peaktop

Stone Outdoor Gas Fire Pit by Peaktop


Spruce up your backyard parties with our gas fire pit and start the celebration off right! Instant fire as soon as it's hooked up to a natural gas or a propane source.

Creating a gathering place in your backyard can be as simple as installing a fire pit made of natural stone. You and your guests will be pulled to a fire feature in the evening like moths to a flame to relax, enjoy food and drinks, get warm, and enjoy one another's company. Stone fire pits are a more permanent option that is more likely to suit a property's environment as well as the terrain that is surrounding the residence. Portable fire pits might be an intelligent alternative for specific scenarios.

An outdoor building enthusiast who is just starting would consider constructing a fire pit well. Most fire pits have a height of between 12 and 14 inches. For ambitious do-it-yourselfers who can follow directions, building a peaktop fire pit shouldn't take much time or cost very much money. A layer of sand or earth is typically placed at the bottom of a stone fire pit that the homeowner has constructed. Sand is superior to other materials in its capacity to absorb heat. Gravel or lava rocks are a fantastic alternative for the subsequent layer; however, you must exercise caution because these materials are porous and take in water. If it has been raining recently, you should either put out your firepit or wait around 15 minutes further away before sitting near the fire pit. When the intense heat of the fire comes into contact with some rocks, those rocks that have retained moisture will explode. Stones such as granite, marble, and slate are ideal for use in the construction of fire pits due to their high density and low propensity to collect water. If you intend to install a fire pit on an already-existing patio or deck, you need to get the assistance of a trained expert. When a fire pit is placed on a wooden deck, the combustibility of the deck becomes a concern.

STYLISH DESIGN: This stylish contemporary fire pit is a wonderful addition to any patio and is sure to provide you and all of your guests with warmth in a natural space.

INCLUDES: 6. 6 lbs Lava Rock and PVC Cover

Adjustable flames are the perfect addition to light up the garden or backyard.

BURNING AREA: (W) 16. 93' x (L) 16. 93' x (H) 2. 95'; BTU: 40, 000; ETL-listed

DIMENSIONS: (W) 28' x (L) 28' x (H) 9. 05' SOLD SEPARATELY: Matching Gas Storage that double up as a statement furniture piece. Can hold up to 20lb gas bottles. Search for HT22401AA

A rising number of activists and health professionals are urging people who have access to other forms of heating not to use their wood-burning stoves this winter due to growing concerns regarding the influence of these stoves on public health.

According to an article published not too long ago in The Guardian, wood burners produce unsafe levels of pollution within the home and also treble the number of harmful particulates already present in the air. In recent years, the use of wood burners has become increasingly common. It is believed that wood burning, combined with coal fires, are responsible for roughly forty percent of outdoor microparticle pollution and produces harmful air within the home. According to data collected by the government in 2016, around 16% of people in the southeast of England use wood fuel, and 18% of people in Northern Ireland do. Additionally, approximately 175,000 wood burners are marketed each year. But a growing body of studies suggests that air pollution may be detrimental to every organ in the body. The repercussions of air pollution include heart and lung disease, diabetes, dementia, lower IQ, and increased depression. The most potential victims could be young children and unborn babies.

We have an intrinsic appreciation for being outside. The more time we can spend outdoors enjoying the natural beauty surrounding us and the dynamic intrigue that all four seasons give, the better. By introducing a gas fire pit into your outdoor living space, you will be able to spend more time enjoying the enjoyment and comfort that more living space brings to your house. Here are eleven reasons why you should add a fire pit to your outdoor space and some fire pit features:

Enjoy The Outdoors All Year At Peaktop Fire Pit. Don't allow the cold weather to keep you from living and entertaining outside. Adding a fire pit to your outside space is an excellent method to combat cool conditions. Fire pits emit 360-degree heat, so everyone gets the warmth regardless of where you or your guests sit.

In massive places, create closeness. In big outdoor spaces, fire pits are a natural focal point and generate a sense of intimacy with this lighting. Your time spent with family and friends will be even calmer and more pleasurable if you use a fire pit to set an inviting tone for outdoor gatherings.

Options to suit all tastes and budgets. There are numerous styles to pick from, ranging from extravagant to casual, classic to modern. Consider porcelain ceramic tile surrounds, cast aluminum frames, or GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) frames. Different fire media looks might help you define your particular style even further. You can use tumbled or crushed colored glass, faux wood logs for a rustic look, river rock, or modern ceramic spheres. An expert Leisure Living salesperson can assist you in sorting through various designs, shapes, and sizes to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Propane Gas Fire (Propane Fire Pit) And Burning Fire Pit. Portable. Unlike built-in fire pits, a gas or propane fire pit is entirely portable, giving you complete freedom as you use your back outdoor space in various ways.

Simple to use. It is simple to turn on and off. You won't have to deal with the problems of a wood burning fire if you use natural gas or propane gas fire powered fire pit. There will be no more filthy ashes or ember sparks and no more odor of smoke. Never feel the sting of smoke in your eyes again. Also, you won't have to wait for the fire to go out before bed. Cleaner Burning fire pit Alternative. A gas fire pit (natural gas or propane) emits less soot and other pollutants into the atmosphere.
Multi-functional. Pit Fire pits do not always have to be in the form of a "pit" in the ground. They are available in a variety of heights. Choose a bar height to serve as a dining table while elevating you above a high railing. Replace a coffee table with an occasional crown; a chat height is ideal for casual dining. When not utilizing the fire element, you can choose a fire pit with a flush cover to hold drinks and canapés or play games.

Conversation hub. A fire pit is a great spot to socialize; nothing quite encourages conversation and connection like a warm and inviting fire with Adequate lighting, you will like this view. Excellent for tiny rooms. Multi-functional choices can double as your other tables if you have limited space and are unable to fit outside furniture and a fire pit setup imagine your new home decor furniture with fire lighting. This will benefit by retaining the luxury and warmth of a fireplace. Outdoor living space also adds more livable square footage to your property. All ages can enjoy the entertainment. Make inventive tinfoil dinners or get creative with your s'mores to entertain adults and children alike. fire decor is stylish for your home garden if you choose the best product and good price. and you can know more info about this product on our site and amazon shop. after finish reading this article you will close your eyes and imagine the fire lighting shining from your garden You will find everything you need on our website and amazon shop

Unfortunately, we do not have this model in 36" at this time.


Hello, The tank si not included. Thanks.

This product is advised to be only used with propane and we do not advise converting to natural due to safety concerns.


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Do you have this in 36 inch please

Unfortunately, we do not have this model in 36" at this time.

is the propane tank inside or outside the unit?


The product description above it says that it comes with a 20 lb propane tank and then it says the 20 lb propane tank is not included so which is it?

Hello,The tank si not included. Thanks.

It says it works for natural gas or propane but all other questions say propane only. Which is it?

This product is advised to be only used with propane and we do not advise converting to natural due to safety concerns.