Outsidepride Green Wild Flower Seed Mix

Outsidepride Green Wild Flower Seed Mix


This wild flower seed mixture contains only flowers that are in shades of green. This Green Shades seed mix grows to approximately 28 inches tall, and this wildflower seed mix contains only annual flowers, so the flowers bloom heavily and have a long bloom season, but they only last one year.

This 28 inch tall annual green wildflower seed mix grows in USDA zones 3 - 10.

Wildflowers typically drop their seed in the fall and will re-seed themselves and come back the next spring for another beautiful display of green flowers.

Important factors to consider when planting: 1) Does the site support plants now? If you have a site where nothing, including weeds, is growing, that site is unlikely to support wildflowers. 2) Will there be adequate moisture during germination and establishment? Can you supply supplemental water, if necessary? 3) What weed seeds are likely to be present in the soil? Will weeds spread to your site from adjacent areas?

Seeding Rate: 5,000 wild flower seeds covers approximately 150 square feet