Ortho Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Killer, 16 oz.
Ortho Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Killer, 16 oz.

Ortho Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Killer, 16 oz.



  • Kills wasps, yellow jackets, mud daubers and hornets
  • Entrapping foam stops wasps instantly
  • Jet spray reaches nests up to 20 feet above ground allowing you to stand a safe distance from the nest
  • Kills insects that return to the nest
  • Pinpoint accurate foam reaches nests under roof eaves, around carports, doorways, window frames and other outdoor areas
  • Detailed Review

    Easy to use
    Easy to clean
    Value for money

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Would it work by spraying general areas where wasps are? I don’t see a nest but there are wasps around my rooftop I need gone.

    It did not work for me. The nest was inside a window dormer. I spayed the area multiple times with little effect. The yellow jackets were not deterred.

    Can you use this as bear mace?

    Only when the bears are hibernating in their paper nests

    Buying to use as a defense weapon. How many 20 feet sprays are in each can?

    Don’t know because it got rid of the nest with one spray, the nest was underground and I covered the hole after spraying and the nest exploded all over my driveway and the hornets never came back

    Would you use this product as hornets or bees are attacking you? Is it harmful to have on your skin?

    It is harmful to get it on your skin. I wore a latex glove when I used it. It kills other insect as well instantaneously. Caveat: It is hazardous to humans and animals; kills hornets, wasps, bees and any other insects.

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