Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit

Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit


The Naturesroom Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit is a great addition to any garden or outdoor space. It not only attracts beautiful butterflies but also provides them with nourishing nectar.

This feeder kit includes a feeder and nectar. The feeder is designed to mimic flowers, which are a natural food source for butterflies. It has bright colors and a sturdy construction, ensuring that it will attract attention from a distance and withstand the elements.

Setting up the feeder is a breeze. Simply hang it from a tree branch, post, or any other suitable location. Once in place, fill the feeder with the provided nectar, and watch as butterflies flock to enjoy the sweet treat.

One of the great features of this feeder kit is its versatility. While the kit includes nectar, you can also experiment with other butterfly-friendly foods. Many users have found success using fruits like cantaloupe or peaches. Butterflies seem to be particularly fond of juicy fruits.

When using fruits, it is important to remember to change them frequently to prevent spoilage. Keeping the feeder clean and fresh is essential for attracting and maintaining a healthy butterfly population in your garden.

Overall, the Naturesroom Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit is a fantastic addition to any butterfly enthusiast's collection. Its bright colors, sturdy construction, and easy setup make it a must-have for attracting and feeding butterflies. Whether you choose to use the provided nectar or experiment with other butterfly-friendly foods, this feeder kit is sure to bring joy and beauty to your outdoor space.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fruit do you feed butterflies ?

I used cantaloupe in mine. They seem to like that. I think peaches would work too. Something juicy.