My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise - Grow Your Own Magical

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise - Grow Your Own Magical



  • Plant: using the included soil, gardening tools, and seeds (and following the Suggestions in the leaflet!), plant your fairy garden. You can also add your own seeds, plants, flowers, and grow Plants too!
  • Grow: nurture your garden by making sure it gets some sunlight and the right amount of water. Soon you will see Sprouts, then plants, and eventually some flowers! Be patient…flowers take many weeks to bloom.
  • Play: as your garden grows, and after it's fully bloomed, you can play in your fairy garden! Have lots of fun with Dahlia the fairy, pebbles the turtle, and celeste the glittery unicorn! Fly over or gaze at the Rainbow, hang out in the sparkly rock cave and charming Toadstool house…the play possibilities are endless!
  • Customize: add your own pebbles, stones and accessories to decorate however you want!
  • Magical gift: put a smile on a child age 4 and up by giving the give of a unicorn fairy garden Playset!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order more seeds?

Absolutely, email our customer service at and they will gladly send you another packet.

Ours has grown a lot. Some stalks are at least 10 inches. Do I trim anything?

Please feel to trim them if you like or you can take those and transplant them into another pot for them to continue to grow and bloom.

Anyone else get a vegetable garden instead of a flower garden? We got kinds of leaf lettuce is some dill and a couple other herbs I’m not sure about

That's all we got. Garden salad. I put some succulents in but they didn't last it's in the garage now

Are the leaves / clovers edible?

Yes. All clover is edible.