MTB Garden Hanging Baskets 10 Inches - Vintage Geo with Coco-Liner, Pack of 2 Hanging Planter

MTB Garden Hanging Baskets 10 Inches - Vintage Geo with Coco-Liner, Pack of 2 Hanging Planter



  • ­čîĚPackage Includes: you will receive 2 pieces of 10 inch natural coconut hanging planters, which are simple looking and quite sturdy planters, and can replace plastic and clay planters
  • ­čŹÇSize: Each cocoa lining is 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches in depth. This is a very popular size choice among growers. These coconut linings already have their own circular shape and can be placed in your hanging basket as long as you choose the right size.
  • ­čîĚNatural Coloring:Strong Steel rod construction with Tough black sleek powder Coating for Rustproof, pre-formed coco liner conveniently secured to the hanging basket. These plant basket mats are made of natural coconut fiber. The coconut fiber lining can keep the soil moist and promote plant growth by saving water and making the roots easy to take water. 100% natural coco fiber liner is safe for vegetables and flowers, requires less watering as thick hanging basket liner better retains moisture.
  • ­čŹÇScope of application: Very suitable for planting radish green/ ivy/ snapdragon/ green leaf plants and other flower plants. Can be used for home gardening, garden parties, wedding decorations, balcony gardens, home furnishings, hotels, offices, garden nursery production, large shopping centers, green projects.
  • ­čîĚHanging Occasion: The thicker cocoa fiber and natural coconut shell layer contains a water-retaining lining. It is the savior of flowers, especially under the influence of sunlight and wind, it can also work perfectly in your hanging pot and retain moisture. You can also use them with various potted plants on the porch.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to buy replacement chains for these?

    I don't know if these lengths of chain can be purchased from Amazon but this type and size of chain and hooks can be purchased from your favorite big box hardware store. My baskets are filled with dirt and hanging begonia plants and when filled with water, are strong enough to survive in the windiest of days so broken chains should not happen easily. Also, I place large size drip coffee maker filters inside the coco liners to help retain water for the plants to absorb.

    Are the baskets 16 inches or 14 inches? What does geo pack mean as opposed to plain pack?

    14 inch. I'm guessing the description is the type of design. I bought this one because it has more metal in the design which holds the coconut fiber liner in place better

    How long is the S-hook?

    1 7/8 top to bottom. You can always go to Lows or Home Depot or any garden store and get extenders. Another S hook. I have them on all of mine.

    How much weight can this hold?

    Dirt with plant and water I would say at least 10 lbs. They are pretty sturdy. I found the coir inserts at Lowes for replacement