Mini Terrarium Plants Fairy Garden Plants Assorted Varieties

Mini Terrarium Plants Fairy Garden Plants Assorted Varieties



  • 6 Different Small Terrarium Plants (2' Pot Size)
  • Low-Light Tolerant
  • Easy Care Varieties
  • Perfect For Terrariums/Fairy Gardens
  • COLD/HEAT SHIPPING NOTICE: Please refrain from ordering into temperatures below 38 or above 95. The plants will likely arrive temperature damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall will these plants get?

They are regular sized plants in juvenile form delivered.

I am curious if there is anyway to ensure that the plants selected will not be toxic to cats?

Keep your cat away from the plants🤷🏻‍♀️

Can these plants be planted in a lined wicker basket?


Are these plants treated with pesticides? Also is there fertilizer in the soil? Want to ensure they are safe for a gecko habitat

This is a year old, but I wanted to say to just shake all the dirt off the roots and rinse the plant and the roots off well then plant. They will be fine in a gecko habitat.