Lechuza 13130 Cubico Color Garden Indoor and Outdoor Use

Lechuza 13130 Cubico Color Garden Indoor and Outdoor Use


  • CUBICO Color offers a classic cubic shape that naturally fits into a variety of decor styles
  • Made in Germany of durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic for indoor or outdoor use
  • Self-Watering System features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots
  • Drainage plug to allows for the removal of excess rainwater when installed outdoors
  • A water-level indicator lets you know when it is time to refill the reservoir. Planting depth-9 inch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be left outside during winter snow season? Should the water be drained during winter snow season?

I leave mine out all winter. I don't drain the planter. It works really well!

Biggest choice of size says 13.5", but the detailed description says that it is 16"x16"x30". Please clarify.

The interior dimensions of the liner are approximately 13.5" - which is why you are seeing reference to the 13.5. The actual exterior dimensions of the CUBICO 40 pot are: 15.6 wide (top) by 29.7" (tall), by 11.6" (Bottom/Narrow Base) It holds approximately 7 Gallon (Dry) soil, and 2 Gal (apron) of Water. The CUBICO 40 is the largest of the CUBICO line of Lechuza planters.The way Lechuza models are identified are: by maximum size of the plant they can hold. So, CUBICO 20, Max Size of Plant 22", CUBICO 30, Max Size of the Plant 30", and CUBICO 40, Max Size of the Plant is 40".

Would it be good for a lemon tree?

For stability reasons, may we suggest another style of planter, the Classico, which would leave plenty or room for the roots of the tree, while keeping it low to the ground, so it will not topple over. The Classico 43 and larger also have a hidden recess at the bottom of the planter so a coaster can be used to easily move the plant when needed.

Is the brand logo only on one side or is it on all four sides?

It's only on one side. The gray lettering is not too obvious.