LANDEN Glass Air Aquarium Tank Multi-SceneLandscape Aquarium

LANDEN Glass Air Aquarium Tank Multi-SceneLandscape Aquarium


  • 【Innovative design with hollow bottom】 The design breaks the existing concept and vacates the bottom space, so that your scenery is suspended in the air, deducing a unique sense of floating and decoration.
  • 【Borderless ultra-white glass with broad vision】 Adopts exhibition level high-light transmittance and low-iron glass, the light transmittance reaches more than 91%, and the boundless design brings you immersive viewing experience with a large field of vision.
  • 【Excellent quality and exquisite workmanship】 5mm thick glass, strong compression resistance acid and alkali resistance; High quality German silica gel process, the joint glue is uniform, smooth feel; Free y fish tank shock cushion made of EVA material.
  • 【Rich landscape application】Small and interesting, landscape changeful, suitable for a variety of scenes.
  • 【Packing and Gift】The packing is strong and firm, and the transportation safety is guaranteed. The shock absorber of the fish tank made of EVA is presented as a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the logo on the front glass removable?

Razor blade worked for me.

Is there a glass cover i can purchase that goes with this tanks dimensions (that has room for an hob filter?)

I suppose if did a Google search there might be. I just cut piece of plexiglass and it works great. Much cheaper too.

Does this come with a foam mat?


Does this come with a cover?

No cover. By the way, I did the math: this tank is actually 9.6 gallons, not 10.7.