Juwell Fire Pit Poker Glove - Silicone-Iron

Juwell Fire Pit Poker Glove - Silicone-Iron


At 26” long, the Juwell Fire Pit Poker Protective Silicone Glove is the perfect tool for turning wood, moving coals, and stoking the fire in fire pits, charcoal barbecue grills, and small campfires.

Designed with a 10” silicone cooking glove, this fire poker set provides longer heat-resistant protection, allowing you to get close to hot coals, flames, or the grill without burning your skin. The glove is made from high-quality silicone material that ensures durability and safety.

Made with cast-iron construction, this fire poker is built to last. Its rust and corrosion-resistant steel can withstand high heat, heavy logs, and all your fire pit needs. The sturdy construction ensures that the poker can handle the toughest of tasks.

With this fire poker, you can easily move the coals, keeping the fires burning hotter for longer. This is especially important for cooking hot dogs, s’mores, and other tasty foods that require a consistently hot fire. The longer length of the poker allows for easy maneuvering and control.

At Juwell, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality products that meet your everyday outdoor needs. We offer responsive service and a reliable 30-day return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Each 2-piece set is shipped from our US Warehouse, guaranteeing prompt delivery.