Ivenf Christmas Joy Table Decoration

Ivenf Christmas Joy Table Decoration


Ivenf Christmas Joy Table Decoration Mantel Fireplaces Table is a perfect addition to your Christmas decor. It comes with three large letters 'JOY' and eight glues. The letters are sized at 6' x 4.6' for 'J', 6' x 5.1' for 'O', and 6' x 5.4' for 'Y'. These letters are large enough to be seen from far away, making them great as Christmas fireplace decorations.

This 2021 new free-standing 'JOY' table decor by Ivenf is simple yet beautiful. It adds a touch of Christmas spirit to your home decoration.

The Christmas JOY table decoration is made of high-quality PVC expansion sheet, which ensures its sturdiness, durability, and waterproof properties. You can trust that it will last throughout the holiday season.

Using the letters is easy as each letter is free-standing. However, if you want them to stand more firmly, the package includes eight glues. With these glues, you can secure the letters in place for a more stable display.

These 'JOY' letters are suitable for various scenes in your home. You can place them on desktops, table tops, in the study room, bedroom, living room, and any other place you desire. Let the Christmas spirit spread throughout your entire home.


Q: How do you stand them up? I didn't get what's described to do so

A: This Christmas JOY table decoration doesn't come with stands. However, there are different ways to make them stand. One option is to use hot glue sticks to create a stand for each letter. Another option is to cut a slat in a wood board and slide the letterings into it to make them stand. Get creative and find a solution that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stand them up? I didn’t get what’s described to do so

haven't messed with it but it doesn't come with stand it just lettering, have to find way to make work, like hot glue stick to make stand or cutting a slat in a wood board to slide letterings in to