Indoor Plant Food | All-purpose House Plant Fertilizer

Indoor Plant Food | All-purpose House Plant Fertilizer


  • FEED HOUSE PLANTS: liquid fertilizer promotes healthy growth and stops wilt better than granules or pellets. Our 3-1-2 Miracle ratio makes living indoor plants thrive in pots, holders, and hangers.
  • GROW REAL HOME DECOR: 1 teaspoon for every 2 cups of water includes nitrogen, phosphorus and other vitamins to boost root and bloom growth — easy plant pot growing for up to 1 year.
  • Poinsettia, Pothos, Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, Aglaonema, Dioon, Fittonia, Jade Plant, Hoya Plant, Plumeria Plants, Yucca Plant, Hostas, Heuchera Plants, Dracaena Plant, Azalea, Orchid, Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily, Begonia, African Violet, Aloe Vera Plant, Weeping Fig, Calla Lillies, Prayer Plant, Philodendron Plant, Dieffenbachia, Croton Plant, Christmas Cactus, Air Plants, Indoor Cactus, Mums
  • Rubber Plant, Anthurium, Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Cyclamen, Peacock Plant, Dendrobium, Deacaena, Kalanchoe, Syngonium, Oakleaf Ivy, Aspargus Fern, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Gerbera Daisy, Kimberley

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for starting seeds?

I would not use it for that.

Does this need to be stored in the fridge?

No refrigeration needed.

The first time i brought this product it was a milky white gel/substance. the current order is a clear/blue liquid. did they change the formula?

I bought it months ago and it’s milky white. They must have changed something.

I'm debating whether to buy the new version (green liquid) or not? I was happy with the old version. Has anyone tried both? Any difference?

My pants thrived on the old formula. All the plants I used the new formula on died. It's really bad.