AuldHome Christmas/Winter Sign Set

AuldHome Christmas/Winter Sign Set


The AuldHome Reversible Christmas/Winter Sign Set is a charming addition to any holiday or seasonal decor. With a set of 2 box "plaques", this set offers a total of 4 options to choose from.

The first sign in the set is 8.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide, featuring the choice of "Jingle all the way" or "Walking in a winter wonderland." The second sign is slightly smaller at 7.25 inches tall by 6 inches wide and offers the choice of "Merry and bright" or "Let's get cozy."

The color scheme of these signs includes a silver frame, along with blue, black, and white wording and backgrounds. This combination creates a visually appealing and festive look.

What sets these signs apart is their reversible design. Each sign has two options, allowing you to mix and match for your Christmas and holiday decor. You can also use the signs 2-sided on a tiered-tray or centerpiece arrangement, providing versatility in your decorating options.

The signs are made of mixed materials, featuring a wood interior, 3D raised letters, and a metal frame. This combination of materials adds depth and texture to the signs, enhancing their overall aesthetic.

The AuldHome Reversible Christmas/Winter Sign Set offers multiple ways to display them. They can be used as free-standing block signs, wall hangings, or as door hangers. They are great for shelf decor, wall decor, tiered trays, tabletops, and even window sills and mantels.

With their rustic style, including country rustic galvanized frames and classic colors, these signs seamlessly blend with various home decor styles. They are suitable for modern farmhouse decor, traditional setups, as well as contemporary holiday and seasonal arrangements.

In conclusion, the AuldHome Reversible Christmas/Winter Sign Set is a versatile and visually appealing addition to your Christmas and holiday decor. With its multiple options, rustic style, and mixed materials, these signs are sure to enhance any space and create a festive atmosphere.