Jade Leaf - Complete Matcha Ceremony Set

Jade Leaf - Complete Matcha Ceremony Set


  • COMPLETE MATCHA GIFT SET: Contains everything you need to prepare the perfect cup of matcha in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony style.
  • STONEWARE MATCHA TEA BOWL (CHAWAN) & MATCHA WHISK HOLDER. The handmade matcha tea bowl is just the right size for traditional Matcha tea preparation.
  • BAMBOO WHISK (CHASEN) & BAMBOO SCOOP (CHASHAKU): Made with sustainably grown bamboo. The whisk holder holds the whisk during tea preparation and drying and helps keep its shape.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SIFTER: Sifting the matcha is crucially important to ensuring your cup turns out with perfect consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the book instruct best way to clean whisk after use? Curious..

It does! For reference, here is how we recommend to care for the whisk:- Clean your bamboo whisk after each use in warm water to rinse away the matcha- Air dry the whisk by standing it upright on its handle- Once dry, place on the whisk holder, bristles facing down- Let your whisk dry completely before storing- Replace the whisk every 2-3 months (depending on how heavily you use it)Don't use soap or cleaning agents!Don't put in the dishwasher!Don't store in the original plastic container (which will cause mold)!EmmaEmma LeeCustomer HappinessJade Leaf Matcha

My whisk came broken. How can I get a replacement please?

So sorry to hear the whisk arrived to you broken! We'll absolutely get you a replacement or a refund. Could you please contact us at support@jadeleaf.com or through Amazon's messaging service so we may follow up?EmmaEmma LeeCustomer HappinessJade Leaf Matcha

Are all items in the gift set, including the bowl and whisk holder etc., free of lead and other contaminants? Is the tea shade grown?

Yes, all items are food grade safe, including the stoneware. The ceremonial matcha is indeed shade grown. Great questions - happy to answer any others! -EmmaEmma LeeCustomer HappinessJade Leaf Organics

how many bristles does this whisk have?

The whisk has 100 bristles (or "tate"), which we feel is a great compromise of whisking effectiveness and durability. It's great for making frothy usucha but still strong enough to make the thicker koicha. Great question - happy to answer any others! -EmmaEmma LeeCustomer HappinessJade Leaf Organics