giantex raised garden bed elevated planter metal plant box

giantex raised garden bed elevated planter metal plant box



Giantex Garden Bed Or Raised Garden (4 Stars)

Giantex raised garden bed This vibrant green raised garden bed planter box, which will add a splash of color to your deck or yard, has received an average rating of 4.4 stars out of more than 400 customer reviews on Amazon. It is constructed from metal or steel panels with reinforced corners and offers three different sizes. According to the manufacturer, all the necessary hardware for assembly is included in the package.

We gathered some advice for planting in raised garden beds by speaking with professionals about the advantages that raised garden beds to provide. On the advice of our industry professionals, we also compiled a list of top-rated raised garden beds available in various sizes, designs, and pricing ranges. Raised ground beds are mounds of earth that have a flat top and are between 6 and 8 inches high. These beds do not have any support frameworks. Dimitrov says they are the least complicated method of growing plants above ground because all you need is dirt. Additionally, they are frequently referred to as built-in raised beds. He pointed out that they accommodate gardeners with vast areas for planting but do not wish to incur the additional cost of constructing support frameworks.

  • Two Holes at the Bottom-- There are two holes on the bottom which could used to let the plants breathe freely. And it could help plants to grow better and have healthy condition.
  • Large Inside Space--This Giantex garden bed has spacious inside space , and could contain many plants, cost-effective and durable.
  • Easy to Assemble-- This product has straight forward illustrations and descriptions. Every screw and pin has its own code and easy to understand the assemble progress.
  • Multifunctional Usage-- This Giantex garden bed has multifunctional usage for plants, flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit. It could let you have your own small garden in backyard.
  • Solid Construction-- Thick steel panel and there is reinforced sustainment on the 4 corners, the frame follows the scientific principle, and has tough iron pipe frame, which makes this product more stable and solid.

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Value for money
Easy to assemble

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it s thin film that comes on it? Can it just be left on?

Yes, there is a thin film on this and yes it can be left on.

Do you fill with soil and plant ir do you need a container to place inside ?

I bought two of these and am growing lettuce and spinach. Next year I will buy a couple more to plant carrots etc.There is a soil mixture for containers....I bought 40 pounds which was enough for both. I placed straw in the bottom of the planters to keep it from leaking . I hope this helps you.

how much soil do you need to fill planter?

About 2 cubic ft

how deep is the container for the planter part? I see answers: 6-8" and 18". Which is it?

My container is exactly 7 1/4 inches deep. I don’t know if this manufacturer makes others that have deeper boxes .