EasyFlex Heavy Duty No Dig Edging Kit 100ft Black

EasyFlex Heavy Duty No Dig Edging Kit 100ft Black


Heavy Duty EasyFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging has a thicker, taller (1.7 inch) wall compared to regular No-Dig Edgings to create a clean line between your landscaping and grass or weeds. The heavy duty recycled plastic is ideal to keep ground cover materials in your garden beds, including river rock, lava rock, pebbles, wood mulch, pine needles, and more.

Installing EasyFlex Landscape Edging is as easy as clearing the area of debris and loose dirt, laying the edging along the desired shape and hammering the anchoring spikes (included) through the tab. Easily cut the coil with garden shears or utility scissors to use in multiple garden beds.

Use No-Dig Edging with weed fabric to help prevent unwanted weeds and grass in flower beds. The spikes easily pierce through weed fabric and help secure the barrier.

Recycled plastic No-Dig Edging is durable, yet flexible enough to give a clean edge to any shape garden or create tight circles around trees. The patented No-Dig L-shaped design eliminates damage from digging into tree and plant roots.

Kit includes (1) 100-foot coil of landscape edging, (30) 8 in. spiral spikes, and (5) connectors. This Heavy Duty No-Dig Landscape Edging kit can complete a 100 linear foot installation.

The Expert Edge black Heavy Duty No-Dig Landscape Edging wall is 1.7 inches tall, which helps to create a clean line between your landscaping and the grass or weeds that may grow there. The heavy-duty plastic edging keeps ground cover in garden beds and is sturdy enough to support large boulders such as lava rock, river rock, pebbles, and other similar types of rocks.

Installing commercial-quality lawn edging lowe is as easy as clearing the area of debris and loose earth, laying the edging out in the desired form, and driving anchoring spikes or stakes (provided separately) through the pre-drilled tabs in the edging. Depending on the type of flower bed, the frame can be easily cut using garden shears or utility scissors.

To keep undesired weeds and grass from growing in garden beds, using no-dig edging with weed cloth can be helpful. The recyclable plastic edging is long-lasting and flexible enough to offer a clean edge to any design's gardens while also allowing tight rings to be created around trees.

The innovative L-shaped design of the no-dig system prevents harm that can be caused by digging into the roots of plants and trees. The distinctive tab on Expert Edge Landscape Edging is designed to hold Expert Edge metal stakes, Expert Edge round spikes, or EasyFlex spiral spikes, all of which are available separately. It is possible to purchase anchoring spikes and stakes separately.

The package includes one landscape edging coil measuring 75 feet in length.

  • Project kit includes (1) 100 ft. coil of 1.7 in. tall landscape edging, (40) 8 in. anchoring spikes and (5) connectors
  • Made of commercial grade recycled plastic
  • Flexible enough to make curves or straight sections
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Quick & simple installation, no digging required