E-KAY 3 Pack Plant Waterer Self Watering Globes,Bird Shape

E-KAY 3 Pack Plant Waterer Self Watering Globes,Bird Shape



  • USEFUL: Grow healthier plants by preventing over or under watering.Automatically water your plants up to 5-10 days, perfect for vacation and useful to your plants.results may vary due to different conditions, soil or plant types.
  • SİMPLE TO USE: First, make a hole in the soil, then insert the plastic tube into this hole, then place your glass bird product that you filled with water into this plastic tube. This way, no more dirt can get into the tube. and the water will be slowly emitted and automatically watering your plants without the need to set.
  • DECORATİVE: Perfect Gift İdeas,beautiful bird desing hand blown glass watering globes, also designed to decorate your home,garden,backyard
  • PACKİNG İNCLUDED: 3 bird clear durable glass. prevented from breaking in polyfoam box.(Please Handle With Care Its Fragile Product),If the birds come cracked inside the box or not working properly please feel free to contact us for a full refund or replacement.
  • SUİT FOR:varieties of potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging plants, indoor and outdoor gardens.

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