Duckweed (Lemna Minor) - 100/200/500 Live Plants (500) by Aqua Habit

Duckweed (Lemna Minor) - 100/200/500 Live Plants (500) by Aqua Habit



  • Live Duckweed (Lemna Minor) Plants
  • Great Source of Protein (Up to 40% protein content)
  • Great Organic food for Koi, Tilapia, Goldfish, Livestock such as chickens and ducks
  • Aquatic Free Floating Plant Removes excess nutrients from water column and can help suppress algae growth.
  • Perfect for aquariums, ponds, and aquaponics
  • Detailed Review

    Value for money

    Frequently Asked Questions

    can you put duckweed in a pond with lots of moving water in a small pond?

    Moving water is OK for duckweed. But, it can get stuck on the intake filter of your water pump. Adding a foam layer to the intake filter will help.

    How long dose it take to come?

    I ordered Sunday 31 Oct 2021 and received the 4 Nov 2021. Very fast and am still amazed

    I’m looking for small plants to tie onto a driftwood tree. What do you recommend?

    You could try water hyacinth plants.

    How is this shipped? Is it in a bag or a type of container with water?

    Not all sellers ship the same way. Mostly a ziplock bag is used to contain the duckweed.