Drip Irrigation Kit, 169FT Greenhouse Watering System

Drip Irrigation Kit, 169FT Greenhouse Watering System



  • 【169FT Drip Irrigation Kit】This micro drip irrigation kit is suitable for an area of 120 square feet. You can water all your plants at one time with 150FT 1/4 inch tubing + 19FT 1/2 inch irrigation tubing.
  • 【Save Up to 70% Water】Plants drip irrigation system can save up to 70% in water savings. Precision watering system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it at the root zone.
  • 【Up-grade Design】The new design 4x6-Way CONNECTOR of garden watering system can divide the water up to 16 tributaries, effectively increases the water pressure, perfectly solves the problem of lack of water at the end of the irrigation system. Every water spray nozzle could be adjusted individually with 3 types of sprayer.
  • 【Easy Install & Use】Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills. Instruction is included. And you can perform multiple watering activities at once to water all your plants with Bonviee Automatic Irrigation Equipment.
  • 【Wide Applications】Automatic irrigation kit is great for atomization, lawn irrigation, patios, roof cooling, agriculture, vegetable , greenhouse, flower bed, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

will this last through winter without storing/draining?

Thanks for your question.In winter, you can use Bonviee drip irrigation kit indoor, like gareenhouse, but not outdoor for the water will freeze.And our tube is strong enough to prevent burst in winter so you can just place it outdoor.But for a longer use life, you'd better storage the drip irrigation kits indoor when it‘s not in use.Hope it can help you and best wishes for your gardening.

Absolutely cannot get the 1/2" tubing into the fittings. Tried dipping in hot water as recommended, then a hair dryer. Won't go in even a millimeter

Thanks for your question.It's the first time we learn that 1/2 tubing is hard to get connect with fiitings. But we learned that 1/4 tubing is hard to conect with fittings before. If the tube is too soft, it would get much softer (which makes the connectors fall off the tube) outdoor in summer.So we improve the tube to make it harder. And then you need to put the tube in hot water for seconds (10 seconds or more) to make it easy to attach the tube to connectors. Or with a heat gun, blasted the end of the tube for 4-5 seconds and pushed it in with ease.Hope it can help you and best wishes for your gardening.

Do you sell the 4x6 way connectors separately? I would like to get more.

Thanks for your question. I am sorry that there is no 4x6 way connectors separately in our store now. But I will tell our team's product manager about your suggestion to meet more customers' needs.Thanks for your support to Bonviee. Best wishes for your gardening and enjoy your cool summer.

I have a large property. Can I connect two of these kits together and they still work well?

The trick to these kits are not having the tees for a sprayer so close together if you have the water pressure it should work you have to adjust the sprayers to not spray so much water at once my kit works fine I added one connection at a time that will let you no your limit