Crescent Garden Dot TruDrop Planter, Self-Watering Plant Pot

Crescent Garden Dot TruDrop Planter, Self-Watering Plant Pot



  • Self-Watering: The TruDrop One self-watering container system can go weeks without watering. The easy-to-read water-level indicator reduces watering frequency, and an ingeniously designed reservoir helps keep fertilizer contained.
  • Weather Resistant: Crescent Garden’s durable planters will not fade in the summer or crack in the winter, and the sturdy planter shell is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. It’s the perfect hassle-free planter for your indoor space or your outdoor deck, patio, or balcony.
  • Eco-Friendly: Crescent Garden planters are food-safe and made from 100% recyclable high-grade polyethylene.
  • Better Drainage: This lightweight planter includes a pre-drilled drainage hole for healthier plant growth. When using the plant pot outdoors, remove the red waterproof plug. A hidden overfill tube drains out excess rainwater, ensuring the plants’ longevity.
  • Double Wall: The plant container’s double wall makes this planting pot shock resistant and effectively protects plants' roots from extreme temperatures. Inner dimensions: 22.2” W x 12” H The base diameter is 16”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dots? is it braille? what does it say?

The blue rain drops are water level indicators. Each represents 1/3 of the reservoir being full so as you fill the reservoir up with water a blue dot will appear in the window until all 3 dots show which indicates the reservoir is full. I returned mine because I must have had a faulty pot and my plants were dry and I had to water anyway and my plants were dry and one died. Perhaps it would work if you had plants with very large and deep roots but I did not. I've tried another reservoir pot years ago with the same issues but perhaps they will work for you. Good luck. I was so hoping it would work for me.

Can the planter be left outside in northern subzero temperatures filled with water?

For winter use, you need to empty the water cavity for the TruDrop planters. After draining the pot completely and emptying the water cavity, you can leave the pot filled with soil and your plants outdoors during the winter. The durable material and double wall feature will ensure the moisture in your soil from snow and rain will not damage the planter.

What happens if rain fills up the planter? Does that excess water have a way to drain out?

Yes it does! The planter's patented design contains a hidden drainflow tube which will drain out any excess liquid/moisture (whether its from rain or sprinklers). Please see the video or photos on the product page to see the inside of this pot. It will give you a visual understanding of how this self-watering feature works!

Can the dot system be repaired? Only 1 of my dots worked.

Customer service at crescent garden has always been helpful for me. One question- sometimes my teardrops get stuck. I have to hit the side of the planter a few times to get them unstuck.