Craft Rocks, 21 Extremely Smooth Stones for Rock Painting

Craft Rocks, 21 Extremely Smooth Stones for Rock Painting



  • NOT YOUR ORDINARY RIVER ROCKS: Each rock was hand picked and checked to ensure that they are smooth and the proper size for rock painting and arts n' crafts
  • UNIQUE SHAPES: The size and shape of each stone will vary so you can be creative and create unique and special designs for each river stone
  • PERFECT FOR ROCK PAINTING: With a large, smooth, and non porous surface you will find it easy and enjoyable to paint and design these rocks. Display your art in your home and garden, keep as pet rock, or hide them across the town and spread joy and positivity in your neighborhood. Makes a great gift too!
  • MULTIPLE CRAFTS: Can be used in a flower pot, garden, painting rocks, kindness stones, ect. With thousands of ideas online you're bound to have a great time!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: This purchase is 100 percent risk free. We promise to give you a full refund if you are not 100 percent satisfied with your stones. Just contact us and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions

what kind of rocks are these?

I don’t know what kind of rocks these were but they were mostly all broken and/or chipped. I would have had to pay return shipping so I threw most of them out. Use Capcouriers rocks. They are beautiful, smooth, and almost every rock is perfect.

Why does not say flavors or calorie information? Do must take orally only? Is 100% vitamin B12?


Do these rocks need to be washed first? Do they need to be primed/prepped in any way before painting?

Now it’s been over a year since I purchased these rocks, but I am 99 percent sure we didn’t need to wash them and they came ready to paint.

Laying flat, what is the height of the stone?

These rocks were terrible. They came broken and chipped and I was only able to use a few of them. I could have returned them but had to pay my own shipping and they weighed so much it wasn’t worth it. I’ve purchased Capcouriers rocks since then, many times, and they are perfect. They are beautiful, smooth, and about 1/2 inch thick, give or take depending on the individual rock. The “bad” rocks, the few I could use, we’re closer to 1 inch thick.