Chive - Round, Handmade Clear Glass Bowl for Succulents

Chive - Round, Handmade Clear Glass Bowl for Succulents



  • CHIVE INC was established over 15 years ago and they started making plant pots with drainage holes and saucers 6 years ago. They currently carry over 200 planters of varying sizes, colors, materials, and textures. In addition to all these cool planters, they make thousands of glass and ceramic flower vases and other fun home decorations! I am thrilled to offer on my Amazon page just a small selection of their catalog
  • Mini succulent gardens are one of my favorite ways to display my plants and this simple, clean glass bowl makes the care and design of my succulents super easy.
  • The orb like shape is a perfect terrarium holder, just add a few rocks in the bottom to help with drainage, pop in a 2 or 3' succulent, and you will have an adorable mini terrarium!
  • If you're not a plant person, use this sturdy, handblown glass bowl for candy!
  • 4” in diameter and 5.75” tall.

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