Capcouriers Garden Rocks - Landscaping Rocks for Garden

Capcouriers Garden Rocks - Landscaping Rocks for Garden


Frequently Asked Questions

How many rocks in 5 lb?

Just for you I want out and counted them. The are 34. They do however vary in size. I will use mine among other stones for making a stone mosaic. I can make them all the same height by using sand so it depends what you want them for. They are attractive stones however and should compliment a garden.

Are they good to paint?

I suppose you could as you can paint anything. But I haven't. They may be a little small for elaborated or funny faces etc

Are these stones unpolished?


Want to keep water in the bottom of a plant saucer for humidity. Are stones flat enough to go betw saucer and plant?

There. are 34 stones of varying sizes both in length and thickness. I intend on using mine for a stone mosaic if that's an indication of use.For the most part they are flat but it's the luck of the draw what size is your saucer and plants and pot etc