Bornbridge Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tree

Bornbridge Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tree


  • BORNBRIDGE TOPIARY TREE - Bornbridge offers the highest quality, most realistic, artificial outdoor plants on the market today. Bornbridge Topiary Ball Trees are a great artificial alternative for boxwood varieties, like Buxus Green Velvet Boxwood, Green Mountain Boxwood, Wintergreen Boxwood, Winter Gem Boxwood, Sprinter Boxwood, Baby Gem Boxwood, Korean Boxwood, Dwarf English Boxwood, and Variegated Boxwood.
  • UV AND WATER RESISTANT / MAINTENANCE FREE - Each Bornbridge topiary tree is UV and water resistant and requires no maintenance, trimming, or upkeep. Bornbridge boxwood plants can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance the look of any space. Bornbridge Boxwood Shrubs give you the look of a live plant without the work of caring for a live plant!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Bornbridge faux outdoor plants don't require any water and will look amazing year round. The UV resistant coating ensures that your evergreen plant will look vibrant and lively season after season. Each Bornbridge artificial buxus boxwood plant can be placed into a decorative planter for a polished look or placed directly into the ground for a natural look. Faux plants are a great way to add natural beauty to your outdoor space!
  • LIFELIKE COLORS - Other lower quality, fake outdoor plants, come off as cheap looking and can take away from the beauty of your outdoor space. Bornbridge faux plants come in lifelike, natural colors that look real and will enhance the beauty of your home, porch, or patio. Bornbridge trees are pre-potted in a black, plastic container and come fully assembled.
  • PATIO DECOR, HOME DECOR, AND MORE - Add a splash of color to your home, business, or outdoor space. Create a high end look for an economical price with Bornbridge outdoor topiary trees! (Tree Dimensions: 46' H x 12' Dia.) (Pot Dimension: 7' H x 8.1 Dia.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "trunk" of the fake tree make of? Wood or some type of pipe or plastic? If would, does it hold up to rain if installed outdoors?

Hi Mike,The tree looks exactly like wood but it made of a high quality plastic. You won’t be able to tell it’s plastic!I have had these trees outside since February and they look perfect and will seemingly last forever.Order these trees, you’ll LOVE them❣️

What size planter should I get for these?

You can get any size or shape. slip the entire plant into the planter and get a bag of decorative rocks to hold in place. by adding rocks at the bottom you can adjust the height of the tree.

For those who used stones and planters, can you tell me what size planter you purchased?

Hi,Thank you for your interest in Milltown Merchants. The planter that comes with the topiary tree is a 7"H x 7"D planter.Thank you,Milltown Merchants

If I wanted to plant these in another container and add flowers around what size container would I need?

Hi,Thank you for your interest in Milltown Merchants. The container that the trees come in is a 7"D x7"H planter. Anything similar in size, or larger, would work.Thank you,Milltown Merchants