BLUU 100 Gal Outdoor Bench

BLUU 100 Gal Outdoor Bench


The BLUU 100 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box Deck Bench is a versatile and functional outdoor storage solution. With its spacious design, it provides ample storage space for a variety of items such as patio pillows, garden tools, pool toys, sports equipment, and even family memories.

One of the standout features of this deck box is its easy assembly process. Just like building with LEGO blocks, this deck box is designed for easy installation. By following the detailed assembly instructions, you can have it set up in just a minute.

The materials used in the construction of this deck box are of high quality. It features iron rod supports for extra strength, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, it is equipped with two gas rods for easy opening and closing, as well as to prevent falling off. The deck box is made from the most updated PP material, which prevents bending and fading, and is UV protected. It is also breakage-proof, ultraviolet-proof, and fade-proof.

Furthermore, this deck box also doubles as a bench. With its strong and sturdy structure, it is designed to support the weight of two people. This makes it an ideal outdoor seating option for your patio or deck.

Included with the deck box is a lock, providing added security for your belongings. This lock ensures that your items are safe and secure.

The dimensions of the BLUU 100 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box Deck Bench are 50.59”×7.87”×25.98” (L x W x H). It has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs or 100 KGs, making it suitable for storing heavy items without compromising its structural integrity.

Regarding the FAQs, customers have noted that the deck box does not come with a waterproof liner. However, many users have reported that they have used the deck box in rainy conditions without any leakage inside, and the contents remained dry. Some users have chosen to use a water-resistant cover as an additional layer of protection.

There have been some issues with the assembly process, particularly with the top connecting properly. One customer reported that the instructions for step 3 were misleading, resulting in incorrect positioning of the iron rods. The company has been informed about this issue and has been suggested to update the instructions for clarity.

As for a cover, the deck box comes with a lid, but there is no cover for the entire box. Users have chosen to keep their deck box under a covered patio to protect it from the elements. If desired, a cover can be found on Amazon that fits the 100-gallon sizing.

Overall, the BLUU 100 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box Deck Bench is a reliable and practical solution for your outdoor storage needs. Its spacious design, easy assembly, durable construction, and added lock feature make it a great investment for keeping your belongings organized and secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with a waterproof liner??

I am not sure about a waterproof liner , however we have had it out in the rain and nothing leaked inside and the content was dry . We also got a water resistant cover as an added layer . We are happy with it

We cannot get the top to connect any suggestions

I had problems with the box for instruction #3 was misleading.It stated: Insert two iron rods into the top of two Part A. Make sure the smaller holes on iron rods are facing outside.Unfortunately, we interpreted this as the smaller holes were supposed to face the outside of the box. Once we tried to put the box together we realized that the smaller holes had to face the inside of the box. The joints joints are so good that it was very difficult to pry the parts apart to correct this. I wrote the company to consider changing the instructions to: Insert two iron rods into the top of two Part A. Make sure the smaller holes on iron rods are facing the inside of the box.Don't know if this will help you.

Does this come with a cover?

There is a lid but no cover over the whole box. We keep ours under a covered patio.

Can this be left in the snow? Where can I get a cover for this product?

Though it has yet to snow here, I imagine it can be left in the snow as we have had severe storms with frost, and it has yet to leak or experience damage. You can find a cover on Amazon to fit the 100 gallon sizing.