Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes | for Everyday Home or Vacation Use | Indoor or Outdoor Water Spikes for Plants | Automatic Drip Irrigation (6 Pack)

Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes | for Everyday Home or Vacation Use | Indoor or Outdoor Water Spikes for Plants | Automatic Drip Irrigation (6 Pack)



  • EASY SIMPLE SETUP: Within 15 minutes have your plants watering themselves; The water is drawn from any container through the thin tube and released directly through the clay cone onto the soil of the plant; The bigger the reservoir/container of water, the longer they water your houseplants; Water discharge is approx. 75 ml / 24 h or 125 ml / 24 h (XL)
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVELERS: Dependable technology and reliable solution; Your plants will take care of themselves while you are on vacation or otherwise busy; waters your plants only as needed
  • VERSATILE HOUSEPLANT TOOL: Use these in any potted plant or flower in your house, office, or even balcony; While being both effective and reliable, these are also versatile for watering all types of indoor or outdoor plants; Can be used all year-round, rain or shine, and are adaptable for outdoor or indoor use
  • HAPPY HEALTHY PLANTS: No more overwatering or underwatering houseplants; Automatically supply the right amount of water to each plant; not only will your plants survive, they will thrive
  • HIGH QUALITY: The clay cone is the key component of this product; Clay is a natural product so every single batch is checked to ensure perfect functioning; These will last for years
  • Detailed Review

    Easy to install
    Easy to use
    Value for money

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any issues with flooding plants with larger reservoirs?

    I have never had a issue with it. I went away for 1 month and connected to 1 gallon container and my plants were fine when I returned. I only use Blumat stakes. I did try a different brand and found they did over water my plants.

    Does this product come with the tubes and all necessary parts?

    It has 34" of tubing and a weight at the end. You can also get tees, y's and straight connectors to lengthen the distance between water and plants.

    Do these work in coco coir perlite mix?

    I think they would. I am using one on a fiddle leaf fig now that I couldn't use a plant nanny because the soil was so "light" . The plant nanny water just drained through. Don't have this problem w the blumat

    One of the three I bought is not working at all and my peppers almost died while I'm out. How to troubleshoot this thing?

    #1 Did you remove the green top and soak the clay portion in water for a while? #2 Did you then fill the clay part with water, firmly place the green cap, and immediately immerse the end portion of the tubing into a container of water? #3 Did the tubing then start to draw water? (Somehow, the green cap creates a vacuum-like action that allows water to continuously flow to the clay portion.... One reviewer suggested slitting a straw lengthwise, and then putting the lowest portion of the tubing inside the straw. This keeps the END firmly in the bottom of the container of water so that it doesn't "float" and not thus not be able to have a continuous supply of water. For me, these work great. I've used these things for quite a while, and never had a problem with them. So if one of them is still giving you problems, it might be defective.