Bikini Tea: Detox & Bloat Reduction

Bikini Tea: Detox & Bloat Reduction


Multi-task your weight reduction goals! While your body is getting beauty sleep, Bikini Tea will help you detox and address uncomfortable bloat issues. Each box comes with 14 Bikini Tea packets, enough for two weeks.

Each Bikini Tea packet contains: Senna Leaf, to aid digestion and reduce bloating. Chamomile Flower to calm your stomach and mind, and enable more restful sleep patterns. Spearmint Leaf aids digestion while you sleep and gives you better breath when you wake up. Rose Hip to help flush toxins from your body. Orange Peel to help you sleep better & reduce visible signs of inflammation. Bikini Tea is naturally caffeine free.

Before bed place one tea bag in a cup of boiling water, and let steep for 7 minutes. Remove the tea bag, and sipping slowly, enjoy the tea while inhaling the herbal vapor. All the magic will happen while you are sleeping!

DETOX TEA: Cleanse your digestive system, decrease your water retention levels, reduce bloating, elevate energy and enhance your immune system

BLOATING HELP. Bikini Tea is a detox tea that evacuates unwanted toxins from your digestive system, which reduces bloat.

BETTER SLEEP. This tea contains Chamomile Flower to calm the stomach and mind, leading to more restful sleep patterns.

FEMALE FOUNDER: Created by LA Stylist Nicole Pollard

Contains 14 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags