Bamboo Accents Water Fountain – Resistant All Natural Bamboo

Bamboo Accents Water Fountain – Resistant All Natural Bamboo



  • CREATE A MINIMALIST ZEN GARDEN: Relax to the calming sounds of cascading waterfall with this do-it-yourself water fountain; an 18-inch 3 arm bamboo spout & pump instantly turns any outdoor or indoor space into your own mini oasis (Bowl not included)
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR FENG SHUI LOOK: Turn a quiet place into a personal sanctuary by transforming your own pottery bowl, planter, or ceramic pot into a beautiful Zen fountain with smooth sounds of flowing water to soothe your senses
  • ELECTRIC PUMP INCLUDED: USA-standard 110-Volt pump that’s strong and quiet; submerge directly in the water and hide with decorative flowers or rocks.
  • NATURALLY STRONG & ANTIBACTERIAL: The spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, which is stronger than steel by weight! Crack and split resistant, bamboo absorbs excess noise, leaving only the relaxing sounds you want
  • STABLE & DURABLE - QUICK & EASY SET UP: Select your own bowl to customize the look and set up in as little as 5 minutes; Simply place on the edge of a 15-24 inch diameter bowl, 4 inches or deeper—use a deeper pot to add plants, stones or even small goldfish

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with a shallow bowl?

Would need a minimum water level of at least 6 inches and probably 12 would be better. I have it in a deep pot and am looking at some of the old copper pot copies in a smaller version which is about 12 to 18 inches. A shallow pot would limit considerably any plant choices and would work for small goldfish but not koi.

Can this fountain be converted to solar power?

The manufacturer does not have a conversion kit in their catalog. The pump is AC, though small, probably would be hard pressed to be served by most typical solar kits for lights and such. You might call bamboo accents at (415) 454-6260 to ask their input.

Hi, can I use this fountain indoor? Thanks in advance for your help.

I use mine outdoors, however I wouldn't hesitate to use it indoor if I hada place for it, it is very quiet. and soothing.

Where do you get the cute pump cover?

I got mine in Lancaster, PA long time on a plant store