backyard x scapes wen roc rb1 artificial rock

backyard x scapes wen roc rb1 artificial rock



Buy X Scapes Artificial Rock Lowe For Your Patio  

When implementing rock garden ideas on a slope, you can simulate either a natural outcrop or a bedding plane. Your look will depend on which natural feature you want to imitate. If this is the case, you can arrange the rocks and vegetation to make it look unique backyard x-scapes wen, even if the arrangement is entirely random.

  • REALISTIC QUALITY: Have your yard, pool, or garden look exactly how you’ve always wanted with this high-quality, lightweight & hollow, realistic synthetic/faux rock with various earth tone hues to fit the decor you desire.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No fasteners needed! Simply bury in soil or soft substrate, or place above ground on natural or artificial turf to instantly transform your garden or pool landscape.
  • USAGE: The Backyard X-Scapes Pump Cover Artificial Rock is perfect for various landscape applications! Place in flower beds, on slopes, around water features, and along pathways.
  • DURABILITY: Acrylic paint to fit any decor with minimum fading over time, UV and weather resistant to stand the test of time. A strong fiberglass resin construction built to last
  • Small Artificial River Brown Fiberglass Hollow Rock measures 16' L x 13' W x 9' W for easy placement in any yard or landscape or easily hide water fixtures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inside dimensions of this product?

Sorry, it is the garden and I don't care to take it out to measure it. It is hollow and fairly thin, so dimensions are pretty close. But it was a 'prefect' fit to cover some irrigation pipe.

first picture of the Large rock with bamboo behind it looks like it would be perfect do a small 1/2” hole in the top right corner For a waterfall ?

Very clever idea! Each 'rock' has a slightly different mold so yours might not have that exact high point as shown in the photo. I have several from different manufacturers and Backyard X-Scapes products have the best natural and irregular look of any. The measurements have always been spot-on so, if this size is sufficient for your waterfall, I think it might work. Be sure to protect it from erosion of a continuous flow of water by using an outdoor spray coating and angle it to minimize force of water striking the surface.

Do you have a rock with dimensions 36x36 15 tall

Yes, covers my air pump for the pond. did drill ait hole in it.

Do all the rocks of the same size look the same? I would like to buy two rocks and would like to know if they will be different.

The same size rocks look the same. But if you want them to look a little different you can turn them around or at a different angle.