AUTUMN Flagstone Durable Mold Concrete, DIY Flagstone Pavers

AUTUMN Flagstone Durable Mold Concrete, DIY Flagstone Pavers



  • APPLICATION: Reusable flagstone mold for concrete and cement. Easy to use to create beautiful flagstone pavers, stone pavers, garden path stones, stepping stones, Stepable Plants, pathways, garden walkways, and backyard paths. Molds are made of durable plastic, allowing you to use the molds repeatedly.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Great concrete molds/concrete forms to make your paver stones! Paint your stepping stones! Concrete molds and forms to make your stones! Enjoy your DIY stepping stones and your awesome garden walkway. Concrete flagstone maker.
  • DIMENSIONS: These paver molds and concrete molds for walkways will make a finished piece that measures approximately 30 x 30 IN and is 1.5 IN thick. This is an excellent mold for making a walkway or creating paths through your garden area.
  • EASY TO MAKE; no experience needed. Very simple instructions for creating your pieces. Enjoy your unique DIY Flagstone Pavers, flagstone stepping stones for garden walkways, and flagstone pavers outdoors.
  • MADE IN USA: AUTUMN is an American manufacturing company. We believe every product can be produced efficiently locally at an affordable price. Our mission is to bring manufacturing back home to the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone know of these are the same size and pattern as the svitmolds brand ? Would love to not have to wait months for shipping

It's the same pattern and they are 100% interchangeable.

Can this item be used in the reverse? Meaning to put concrete on the opposite side so the underside has a cavity?

Hm. It's a very good question. Yes, you can. But I'd make regular stones first and use them as the inserts to make the molds heavier. First remove the insert and then remove the mold. BTW, outside surface has extra texture.

Can I do acid staining and sealing the molds?

Are you asking while in the molds? I’d do this after removal from the molds

does it come with measurements for sakrete and water?

The complete set volume is 3 1/4 gal (13 qt).Mixing instructions depend on the type of concrete, there are the instructions for molds on the manufacturer's website: