Artificial Grass Turf Rug

Artificial Grass Turf Rug


HANWEI Artificial Grass Turf Rug Natural Looking Grass Carpet

Artificial Grass Turf Rug Natural Looking Grass Carpet

[ THICK & NATURAL LOOKING ]: Artificial Grass Turf Pile Height 1.38”, 70 oz total weight per square yard, high-density artificial grass rug, soft and natural looking fake grass, excellent UV resistant & durability.

[ WIDELY USE ]: a).Outdoor: Outdoor decor, such as Landscape, Garden, Patio, Home, Backyard, Deck, Children Playground, Restaurant, Yard, Roofing, Swimming pool, Schools,Kindergarten, Porch, Wedding floor, Door mat outdoors and other outdoor place. 

b).Indoor: Terrace,Dog pee potty artificial grass, Pet potty fake grass wall panels, Puppy grass mat, Synthetic grass carpet roll, Table decoration, Balcony. c).DIY Cesped Artificial Grass.

[ EASY CLEAN ]: Synthetic Turf Grass can be washed with water directly, Not machine washable.

[ EASY MAINTENANCE ]: No mowing, No watering, No spraying, No fertilizing. Save money and water. Drainage holes ensure fast drainage.

[ WARRANTY ]: 30 DAYS return policy.

Is Artificial Grass Carpet Good?

It is abundantly evident that the benefits of artificial grass significantly outweigh any potential drawbacks. You will have a lush, verdant landscape that you can take pleasure in throughout the year despite how little maintenance artificial grass requires, how long it lasts, how pet-friendly it is, how cost-effective it is, how versatile its design possibilities are, and how durable it is.

What Are The Disadvantages Of artificial Grass Rug?

Condensation of odours. Messes will rot on artificial turf just as quickly as on natural grass if they are not cleaned up promptly. Some forms of infill have a greater propensity for retaining scents than others. Concerns about the runoff of toxins. People used to worry that the water that ran off of the crumb rubber infill could be hazardous to their families, their pets, or the environment.