Java Fern Bare Root | Microsorum Pteropus - Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant

Java Fern Bare Root | Microsorum Pteropus - Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant



  • WEATHER WARNING - Please note that during times of extreme weather, live plants will suffer due to temperatures. During winter, do not order live plants when temperatures are expected to go below 32F at the lowest point during the day. During summer, avoid ordering plants when temperatures are above 100F.
  • You get Java Fern bare root of approximately 6-8' in height. Please note there are 3 plants together in the main picture
  • This Java Fern s a great and easy way to attaching Java fern to driftwood, rocks, etc
  • Provide natural resting and hiding places for your smaller fish and invertebrates
  • Make your fish tank look natural and beautiful. Perfect for aquariums of any size
  • Detailed Review

    Easy to grow
    Value for money

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I bought this Java Fern and it came with tiny black specks all over the leaves, can anyone tell me what those are? don’t look like potential rhizomes.

    Mine did the same thing and I tried to scrub them off, then my sister who is great with plants told me they were BABIES! Sure enough, the ones I didn't scrub off turned in to new java fern plants! Let them grow a bit (they will develop leaves and roots) and then gently pull them off and plant them. Congrats!

    How long after receiving it do I need to plant it?

    You don't have to plant it. U just rinse it off and put it in water. Just let it float.

    will this be good for a fountain ? - we have problems with algae in the fountain so wonder if this will keep the algae down.? No fish

    Not really because these plants go in the water. If algae is your problem then sunlight is more than likely your enemy. You could try some floating plants like Java moss. But I’m not sure it will fix the problem entirely if it is an outdoor fountain

    is this plant ok to put in a 125 koi tank?

    Koi are terrible to plants. If you want the investment worth it, I’d recommend switching to silk artificial plants. They look very natural and can increase bio load which is beneficial for koi. If you don’t mind the plant being destroyed then it should be fine.