Aquascape 78276 30-inch Faux Driftwood Decorative Accent

Aquascape 78276 30-inch Faux Driftwood Decorative Accent



  • A realistic driftwood decorative accent for indoor and outdoor; Great for yard, landscape, garden, pond, terrarium, aquarium, and more
  • Ideal for concealing hard-to-hide components such as Skimmers and waterfall filters
  • Heavy-duty, poly-resin construction is built to last and stand up to the elements
  • Extremely realistic: textured and hand-painted surface provides a natural wood appearance
  • Safe for fish and plants; measures approximately 30-inches” in length

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this fit in a 30" tank? I noticed it's curved. Is it 30" along the length of the log, or does it actually take up 30" of space?

I have mine on top of a pond weir and went outside and measured it: It is 30" WITH the curve, so takes up 30" of space and is likely to be too large for your tank.

Is it Hollow all the way through? Thinking about using it as a waterfall

It doesn't appear hollow enough to use for water to pass thru as a waterfall, but it is not completely dense because when I put it in my pond I have to hold it below water for a few minutes to keep it submerged. I don't think you can use it as a waterfall.

Does this fade in the sun?

No, it doesn't fade and does look very realistic. The only disappointment I had was it wasn't as big or as thick as it looks in the photo.

Does it float?

No, the Faux Driftwood does not float. It can be submerged under water for use in ponds, aquariums.Thank you for your question.