Ancient Graffiti Eight-Stone Balancing Cairn

Ancient Graffiti Eight-Stone Balancing Cairn



  • Stack of 8 river rocks, balanced one atop the other for a unique look
  • Carins have been used since prehistoric times to mark important sites or paths
  • Metal pegs and glue keep these stones connected to each other
  • Level base of lowest stone sits on a level surface easily
  • A fantastic outdoor adornment for use in your garden

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements?

It stands about 12 " tall and is about 4" wide at the most (some of the sides are less based upon the stones position.

Can the rocks be engraved?

Hey there, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately we can't customize this product and have it engraved. If we could, we would it. Have a great day!

Can you rearrange the rocks In different stacking positions ?

The rocks have a rod going through them and they are glued together. If you take it apart you probably could re-arrange them but that is not the intent and balance could be an issue.

what type of rock is used? Is it safe to add to a fish tank?

The rocks are river rocks from Honduras. There is a metal pole that supports the structure so not sure it would be good for a fish tank.