Amagabeli 8'x50' Shade Cloth - Dark Green

Amagabeli 8'x50' Shade Cloth - Dark Green


Amagabeli 90% Heavy Duty Shade Cloth 8’x50’ Fence Privacy Fabric Screen Railing Cover Wind Screen Apartments Outdoor 8ft Patio Backyard Construction Fence Shade Sun Mesh UV Resistant Net Dark Green

The Amagabeli 90% Heavy Duty Shade Cloth is the perfect size and made from weather-resistant material. It measures 50' long x 7'8' tall, making it ideal for fences that are 8 ft tall. The fabric weave is constructed from a new high density, waterproof polyethylene material, allowing maximum airflow for a refreshing breeze. It is designed with grommets for easy installation and greatly reduces wind at ground level, providing privacy and shade. Additionally, it offers up to 90% protection against harmful UV sun lights.

This privacy fence screen provides an economical and easy way to obtain privacy. With a 90% visibility blockage, it can cover chain link fences, existing cyclone wire fences, wood retaining walls, and more. It can also serve as a privacy barrier around swimming pool cages, blocking the view from nosy neighbors. Whether you want to add privacy to your acre backyard, front yard, patio, garden, or porch, this shade cloth has got you covered. It can even hide street noise, road views, construction sites, neighbor pets, and outdoor kennels.

Not only does this shade cloth provide privacy, but it also acts as a sunscreen and enhances your landscaping. It can be used as a shade screen for vegetable garden plants or as a greenhouse covering to protect against strong sunshine, hot temperatures, humidity, and unpredictable weather conditions. You can create overhead shade on a pergola for hanging orchids, use it as a shade cover for patio plants and lawn, or even incorporate it into the border of a horse ranch. The dark green mesh privacy screen adds a natural and aesthetically pleasing touch to any outdoor space.

This heavy-duty fence privacy screen is designed to be wind resistant and easy to install. It works perfectly as a wind break to protect vegetable gardens, plant nursery areas, and buffer the heavy wind during the winter around chicken coop pen runs, tennis courts, parking lots, wedding sites, and campgrounds. The mesh fence screening has a 2" enforced binding and grommets on each reinforced seams side to ensure strength and durability. Plus, it comes with over 60 ZIP ties, making installation and movement a breeze.

With a 5-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that this fence privacy screen is built to last under normal usage and weather conditions. If you have any concerns about the quality or installation of the cloth, the friendly customer service team at Amagabeli will help resolve any issues promptly. Contact them immediately for any further inquiries about this fence screening fabric panel, privacy fence netting, privacy fence slats, privacy screen fence fabric, or wind screen privacy fence.


A: Sorry, only 8' x 50' and 6' x 50' sizes are available.

A: You could add eyelets, but the screen already comes with enough. If you want to add extra, you would have to sew them on and obtain them from a fabric or sewing store.

A: I don't see why not, as long as you have the correct tools for installing the eyelets.

A: This privacy screen will not significantly reduce noise from neighbors, unless it's caused by wind. The wooden fence itself will do much more to dampen the noise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person get a panel sized 6’ 9” wide by 8.5’ long? With grommets every foot down the sides? If so what would the cost be?

Sorry, only 8' x 50' and 6' x 50' is available.

Can i add eyelets. if so, how do i insert them, and where do i purchase them from?

You could add eyelets but there are enough already on the screen. You would have to sew them on and get them from a fabric or sewing store.

Can you add those eyelets every 8 or 10' vertical up & down) going up the fence?

I don't see why not if you have the correct tools to install the eyelets.

Does this reduce noise from neighbors if i set it up on my wooden fence ?

This privacy screen will not reduce noise, unless it's caused by wind, and even then minimal reduction at best. The wooden fence will do much more to reduce your neighbor's noise.