Active Gear Guy Levitating Mini Plant Pot with Japanese Style

Active Gear Guy Levitating Mini Plant Pot with Japanese Style



  • A UNIQUE DESIGN PIECE FOR ANY ROOM. People will notice and comment on this unique decoration that appears to defy gravity. Add a classy conversation piece to your life. NOTE- No Plant is included.
  • UNIQUE HAND-PAINTED JAPANESE STYLE ARTWORK is inlaid into the ceramic base adding extra beauty to the overall design.
  • ADD A CALMING ZEN PRESENCE TO ANY AREA. The hovering planter and beautiful original painted design on the base create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.
  • THE PLANT POT SLOWLY ROTATES adding a an additional calming effect. This magnetic floating flower pot is great for a desk plant or mini bonsai tree.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If this product does not meet your need for any reason we will replace or refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the electric voltage required? Does it work in Europ?

It is standard 110 volts. You would need an adaptor for the plug to work in Europe.

What’s the weight limit? How big a tree will still levitate?

The weight limit is about 290 grams (0.64 lbs.).

How to make it works?

We have uploaded a video to the product page that gives a quick demo on placing the pot. We uploaded on June 29, 2019. It should be up within 2 days at most. Thanks

is it a real tree?

The pot does not come with a plant. You choose what you want. It can range from small succulents to bonsai to a small herb with flowers. All of that can be fake or real.