A-DECOR 84 ft-12 Pack Artificial Ivy Garland Hanging Vines

A-DECOR 84 ft-12 Pack Artificial Ivy Garland Hanging Vines



  • QUALITY artificial ivy garlands for wedding party decor - ivy table runner, backdrop or ballon arch
  • INDOOR OUTDOOR USE. Christmas and Halloween faux decoration plants vines. Poison Ivy cosplay costume
  • Fake leaves greenery decor. Plant wall decor - Green leaves room decor. Wall vines for bedroom
  • Green Color. Looks lifelike, made from Plastic and Silk. Rain Resistant. Leaf vines room decor
  • Will last longer than we will - looking good year after year and the deer will not eat them 😃

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you hang these from a ceiling, what should be used to attach it?

I used a wire clothes hanger. or you can use a makeshift hanger to hang them on

Could this be used for privacy on a 4 ft x 10 ft balcony?

Honestly no because it isn’t together, this are 12 singles lines of greenery, but if you want privacy in your balcony I recommend you to buy a Foliage Green Garden Wall Mat

Is this safe to use on cat trees?

That is why I purchased it. I don’t know if it is made of toxic materials, if that is your question. But it’s been safe for my cats, and they have had no interest in chewing on any part of it.

On a fence 6 feet tall, how wide would this cover?

you would need about 3 or 4 packs to make it look full like the photo