Mix Creeping Thyme Seeds Planting Thymus Serpyllum Heirloom

Mix Creeping Thyme Seeds Planting Thymus Serpyllum Heirloom



  • Attracts Butterflies and Pollinators
  • Creeping Thyme is popularly sown in rock gardens, along borders, fences walkways, in containers pots, or directly in the garden.
  • Keep soil lightly moist until germination which can be slow, Dry soil can lead to germination failure.
  • Please note that creeping beautiful flowers seeds are tiny little seeds.Germination rate about 90% or better.Easy to plant and grow.
  • You will get beautiful flowers in green, red, white, blue and purple to add color to summer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these perennial?

Yes. It's not worth the price. The every pack has tiny seeds it was impossible to scader. There wasn't 1000 in each bag. I think it was for the whole thing.. How they determined 1000 is beyond me. I wanted to see if they would grow. So I placed them in a small pot.. That's a hard no. But if someone else got them to grow. Let me know.

Are these seeds mixed together, or seperate by color/type? ?

I received a tiny package that shows just one color on it (blue flowers) so I don't believe it's a mix of colors. THere are no instructions or description.

Are there annual or perennial?

They are prenniual. I couldn't get mine to grow. Be aware they are very very tiny seeds. And not 1000 per little pack.

are the seeds mixed together in one envelope, or separated by color?

They are separated. Very very tiny seeds. I couldn't get mine to grow. Not 1000 in each pack. Not worth the money. But if you can get it to grow post pitchers maybe I did something wrong.